SØNDAG 12. MARTS | 15.30 – 19.00 | CAFÉEN | GRATIS
Would you like to hear about a 4 months long study trip across western Africa by bus?

During the first year of DNS education, the students program include a four-month long study trip through Western Africa.

We did buy a bus and rebuilt it in a way, that the bus started to be our moving classroom, and our home at the same time. During the period of four months, travelling with the bus, we cross Europe, travel in Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia and we reach our final destination: Guinea Bissau.

In each of these countries, we lived with local people, get to know the different cultures, made investigations about some of the biggest issues of the regions and write thorough reports about our own experiences and the knowledge acquired.

This study trip gave us the opportunity to get involved, get experience and learn from and with people that live in a different reality then we do.

Travelling is a great way of learning. After the travel, we came back to Europe with a full backpack of experiences, thoughts, considerations and knowledge – which we are ready to share with you!

Sharing is, thus, the main goal of this event.

We are here to share our stories – from culture, education, politics and environment to traditions, art, health or history, we can share a vast and broad knowledge about what we have seen, as well as their unique experiences and way of travelling.

During our event, we offer two different actions:

Presentation with the topic: “Study while we travel” – about traveling as a teaching method, life in the bus, various personal experiences, investigation topics such as social movements, development, education system, health care, poverty and hospitality of people. We will be also ready to talk about current global issues affecting Africa.
Presentations will last 1,5 hour; however, it may be shorter or longer depending on what are the topics you would be mostly interested according to the following discussions.

The other part we had prepared is a workshop that will be carried out after the presentation. The workshop last about 1,5 hour as well. The first workshop is about understanding the struggles of the poor caused by the economic system that is dominating the world today. During the time that we will spend together, our plan is to play an interactive game that models the situation of different countries and get a grasp about modern economics. Afterwards from the collected experiences we will create discussions about the impressions and relate them to the daily lives of people.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
See you soon!