FREDAG 17. MARTS | 17.00 – 24.00 | CAFÉEN | GRATIS

3 Artists, 2 Bands, 1 Night !
A culture event dedicated to art and music produced by those who want to create and put out there for everyone to see. It is a counterstatement to organized art mafias, by shedding some daylight on those works sitting in dark rooms, ateljes and band rehersal rooms.

Before Kamilla Mez moved to Aalborg in 2015, she finished her years at Billedkunstnerisk Grundkursus Midt & Vest. Today Mez studies Art & Technology at AAU and works in the art studio of 1000fryd. She has participated in different exhibitions and festivals such as Aalborg Surreal, Endings. and Mørke Dage.
Primarily Mez investigates imprints as an artistic practice and method to discover the perceivers understanding of the object. For the exhibition in KUL Nord she will participate with a small series of paintings and a sculpture based on the surface area of a bamboo chair.

Valerija Trane moved to Denmark from Latvia almost 5 years ago. After finishing studies at Multimedia Design & Communication and receiving BA degree in Digital Concept Development last year, she decided to stay in Denmark and try to find a job here. Her works were exhibited at KUL Art affair, Aalborg Surreal and were part of artist support program from Coffee Inn ( a coffee shop chain in Baltics ).
Valerija tries to explore human relationships and tackle different problems using animals and nature as a mediator between her thoughts and paper or canvas. For this exhibition, she will contribute series mixed media of illustrations and graphic works.

Kärt Koosapoeg has a degree in Graphic Design and Concept Development. During the daytime she is a designer and virtually real human but at night she becomes a roaring illustrator and does cosplay as an artist. She has had several shows in past years with various artwork with the most recent being in 2015 summer in Vaeg Gallery.
Her works are produced in a very graphic manner. A story about how to become part of something only to realize it has become a part of you.

Her Murder Case is arguably the second best newcomer in alternative stoner grunge rock, in Aalborg!

Aalborgs very own snotty punk rock band that will scream as angry and play as wrong as they possibly can. With a strong riot-grrl, metal and blues influences their music blisters from frustration at society. Axels mom said that they are good!

KUL Nordkraft is alcohol free zone, but be sure to come on by and enjoy some garage culture!